These Are Not Reasons To Shoe A Horse, Young or Old

horse1Interesting article from The Horse, addressing the question whether older horses need to be shod. I find these to be the most frustrating sort of articles to read. The author comes to the conclusion that some horses ‘just need shoes’ (as so many so often “just” do). But, not only are her ‘reasons’ for shoeing flawed, nothing in them or the article addresses the specific issue of an older horse needing shoes. And think about it – what about an older horse would make his hoofcare needs any different from a younger one’s? (Answer: nothing) Only thing I can think of is that they’re assuming an older horse’s workload is reduced and thus the need for shoeing. But the article doesn’t go into that, discussing active horses.


Although he has pretty decent feet for a Thoroughbred, it was pretty clear he needed some extra support to successfully navigate the varied terrain on which eventing takes place, based on his short and choppy stride coupled with the fact that his front hooves started chipping like crazy once he started jumping. Our farrier tacked on a pair of front shoes and things have been going well. Continue reading

Body Posture and Hoof Form

How a Horse’s Stance is Affected by The Feet and their Balance

Shown here are the horse’s front feet.

right-front-sole.jpg    also-right-f-sole.jpg

Right Front, two views


Left Front

Based on the trim and balance of the two front feet, how would you expect the horse to stand?

  1. Standing Squarely
  2. Right Foot Placed Behind Left
  3. Left Foot Placed Behind Right
  4. Both Front Feet Placed Behind Vertical

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