What is A Healthy Hoof?

Everyone talks about healthy hooves, but what truly makes a hoof healthy? There are some aspects of hoof form that can be considered healthy whereas others that can be considered hoof distortions, usually from growing too long/incorrectly combined with improper trimming (more so than improper shoeing, per se).

Let’s talk about a few examples.


shodh angle upright regimg2_0238 bars tall toe buckshot_s_hooves_7-23-2008_009 solehigh hoof picture 33b4692e4f7e3cb7097a65c78eb69d04_w640 hoof_sft bulge Hoof-Angles2 lateralcart shod-horse-1 hoof_sft_200 tallheelcontr bad_hoof_646907 heels healthy HardHoof2

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