Description of the Horse’s Hoof & Corium


Laminae, Laminar Corium, Coffin Bone Corium

Laminae, Laminar Corium, Coffin Bone Corium

Written By Odette Suter, DVM 

Laminae are composed of a sensitive and insensitive part. The sensitive part is also known as the laminar corium and the insensitive laminae is also called laminar horn and is produced by the laminar corium. The corium is a form of epithelium. Epithelial tissue is composed of one or more layers of cells that line surfaces of organs (skin, GI tract, lungs, etc.), blood vessels, lymph vessels, etc. The functions of epithelial tissue are
protection, absorption, diffusion as well as excretion of waste products. In the case of the hoof this ‘waste’ is horn (protein).

Dr. Odette Suter

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All photos courtesy Kentucky Horsehoeing School

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