Overgrown Bars – ‘False Sole’, ‘Double Sole’

Here is an example of overgrown bar that has migrated forward onto the sole creating the appearance of a ‘false’ or ‘double’ sole.  The material is not merged with the sole and is distinctly different in appearance and texture.

   right-fore-solar-initial.jpg    right-fore-lateral-initial.jpg 

After 5 months of trimming:


The bars are brought back to their correct position ending alongside the collateral grooves and approximately to the midpoint of the frog. Also note the expansion of the contracted heels.

These pictures are courtesy of a barefoot trimmer in the Midwest.

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  1. These are excellent pictures Christine and very helpful. Trimming can be a sensitive process at the best of times. I met somebody from EquestrianCupid.com who had some difficult experiences trimming.


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