Shod To Barefoot – White Line

The transition from shod to barefoot almost always results in the white line growing in more tightly as a result of the absence of leverage of the wall away from the coffin bone due to the presence of the shoe. While the shod part of the wall is growing down, there is a ‘ridge’ visible where the white line has started to grow in more tightly.

The hoof is shod.


The hoof has been barefoot for the duration of approximately four weeks.



The hoof has been barefoot for about 4 months. The ridge that demarcates the place where the shoe was removed is approximately 2/3 down the wall. The growth above this line appears ‘closer’ to the bone because of the ‘tightening up’ of the white line. Notice also the improvement in the underrun heel which is now taller with a straighter angle. The hoof rings have started to smooth out as the quarter wall is properly shortened. Finally, notice the improvement in the bullnose shape of the hoof wall from when it was shod to a few months barefoot. This profile is very common as the farrier tries to shorten the toe without correcting the rest of the hoof form.

White Line

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