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June 6th, 2015

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Specializing in difficult cases that have had difficulty getting sound and those horses who ‘can’t go barefoot’. If a horse ‘needs shoes’, chances are it needs a better barefoot trim.

Trimming On Site – Available for regular trimming in Northern and Central New Jersey, Southeast Pennsylvania, Southern New York

Photo Consultations – one time flat fee or hourly continuing consultations

Will travel for:

Individual Instruction – Personalizedourly individual istruction at your location arranged to suit your needs

Mini-clinics: Introduction to barefoot at your location

Clinics – Customized, partial, one or two day full clinics at your location, according to your needs

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  1. I would like to know if you travel to Bradford County PA. I’m located outside of Athens PA in East Smithfield PA. If so what are your rates for 3 horses. If you don’t travel out this way do you know of another ferrior that does barefoot trimming that does? cell # 607-592-0890 Thanks Betty West

    • Hi Betty
      Thanks for inquiring and reading the website. Going to your area would entail a 400 mile round trip. I could make an arrangement for you that would include travel costs. Please check your email for specifics.

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering how much you charge for a trim. I am located in Hamburg, NJ. My mare has navicular disease and was formerly sound with another barefoot trimmer up until a few years ago.

  3. Hi Christina:
    I have just started leasing to buy an off the track TB who has been barefoot for the past six years and I would like to keep him that way. So, I’m looking for a barefoot farrier — our horse, Onyx, is at Zephyr Farm, Inc in Mahopac, NY. Is this an area that you travel to and if so, how often do you recommend seeing him and how much would you charge? Would it be possible for you to teach me to perform maintenance when you are unable to see him?
    Many thanks,
    Chris Sloben

    • Hi Chris – thanks for the inquiry. I do indeed travel to Mahopac and in fact have worked on horses at Zephyr Farm. I will get in touch with you to discuss further details. I do also do maintenance trimming instruction for those who desire it.

  4. Would like to know if you would come trim my horses in Yorktown NY? Please e-mail me with specifics.


  5. Would you travel to Cross River NY? and if so, could you email me with specifics? Thanks, Nancy

  6. Hi There,

    I have found you on the internet when I searched natural hoof care. I live in Rockland county NY. I have a horse coming in a week or so. He is currently barefoot and I would like to maintain that if it is possible. I would like to know your recommendations for natural trimming (frequency) as well as your fees. Do you do any horses in Rockland?

    • Hi Mary,
      I do have clients in Rockland County. Trimming frequency varies depending on circumstances. For instance if a horse is transitioning to barefoot or requires therapeutic correction for any reason the frequency can be as much as every 3 weeks. For ‘normal’ circustances it can vary from 4 to 6 weeks depending on many factors such as the horse’s breed, workload, and time of year. Likewise the fees vary according to all those circustances. I’d be happy to discuss further with you. Please give me a call at 917 940 9327 or email me directly at Good luck with the new guy!

  7. Hi, I currently have 5 barefoot horses, I would need trims on 3 QH’s, the mini’s I do myself. They’ve been barefoot for most of their lives and I usually maintain them myself, but due to a back injury, I am unable to keep up with them. I live in Oneida, NY and am wondering if you could trim them for me. Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing back from you. Tammy

    • HI Tammy,
      Thanks for your inquiry. This would be a round trip of 530 miles (4+ hrs each way). The only way I could do this is if you could pay the mileage charge which I’m sure would make it prohibitively expensive. Good luck in finding someone closer to you.

  8. Mariya Kruseck

    Hi! I’d love to get in touch with you and maybe have you come trim my horse? No one I’ve found so far specializes in barefoot trimming and I’m sick of my farrier thinking a trim is a trim is a trim. I’d love to know your rates as well! Located in Pine Bush, NY.


  9. Alison Boccardi

    I see that you travel to SE PA. I live about 45 minutes north of Harrisburg. I am interested in maintaining the trims myself, but would like someone to do an “initial correct trim”, and then follow-ups every so often to make sure I’m still doing it correctly. Currently all 6 of my horses are barefoot, but it is not done correctly, and I’m having trouble convincing my farrier of what he needs to do (I’m not an expert). Unfortunately, there are no barefoot trimmers in my area that I am aware of. How expensive would it be for you to come, if you are willing to travel here? Thank you.

    • Hi Alison

      Thanks for your inquiry. Can you give me a zip code or more specific location so I can figure out the mileage and give you an idea of the cost? Please reply to my email if you prefer –
      Normally that would be too far for regular trimming visits but with that large of a group of horses it could work with the initial training trim, and followups could be done via email photographic consultation, with the occasional in-person followup should you feel the need for it. Also, would you please let me know what your current skill level is. And, if there are others in your area interested in learning we could do a clinic, reducing the cost for all. Thanks, Christina

  10. Do you come to the Hamburg NJ area? If so what are your rates etc.? And where are you located. thanks

    • Hi Janet, thanks for writing and inquiring. I do travel to the Hamburg, NJ area regularly. I will contact you via email with more information. Thanks, Christina

  11. Marie Dougherty

    Hi Christina
    I just came across your website and very interested in talking to you but for the life of me I can not find a contact number, so I’m sending this in hopes that this is indeed the way to contact you. Ok…I got my first horse, he’s a 21 year old quarter horse (Thunder), got him in Oct last year 2013…I’ve been wanting a horse for all of my 61 years. I am so new to the horse industry, I tell you this so you are aware that I know nothing except for what I have read, been told by others and improvised myself. Thunder is barefoot now and I want to keep him that way…I’m hearing this and that from people at the stable(I’m realizing now that everyone has an opinion)He sometimes walks alittle stiff, probably arthritis,( I know I sure have it, lol) but I would really like to know for sure if anything in his hooves could help him….He’s been of course getting farrier work, but from farriers that come to the stables that other people from the farm use and they seem to do barefoot as a sideline and most of their clients use shoes. Not one of them have told me they suggest shoes, but I pretty much tell them straight up that shoes are not an option. He’s been barefoot for some time….I don’t know how long, maybe forever for all I know…he came to me barefoot. I came across your site, actually because I was looking for a site to see if I could use a rasp and file down a small crack in Thunders hoof, and how to do it and stuff like that. So here’s the details…Thunder is in Jobstown, NJ…by Fort Dix, McQuire Base…first question…can you come there, second a little info about charges, etc…Please call or email me:
    Marie Dougherty
    (215) 378-9143

    • Hi Marie,

      Thanks so much for visiting the website and inquiring about services. I’m sorry you had difficulty locating a contact number which I thought I provided but I will double check that. In the meantime I can tell you that I do travel to your area and would be very happy to check Thunder’s hooves for you and let you know what condition they are in and what improvements are made. Please look for an email with more information.

      917 940 9327

  12. Hi I would like to know if you travel out to NEPA, specifically the Avoca , pa area? I have 3 horses, looking for someone experienced in keeping my horses barefoot as much as possible!

    • Hi Corrina – thanks so much for your inquiry. Your area is a bit outside my regular travel route, but arrangements can be made. Please email me at or call at 917 940 9327 to discuss further. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

  13. Hi Christina, Enjoying your Website & Blogs, etc. I am looking for a good Barefoot Trimmer in my area of Sussex County to be able to refer my clients to. I am a Massage Therapist/Bodyworker for Equine and Humans. I presently trim my own horses (Studied Pete Ramey among others) I also trim some of my clients horses, however, do not wish to do that. Reason being I cannot find anyone in my area that can trim horses that have hoof and body imbalances. Please email ;me and let me know what your rates are. I would also like some references in our area. I can correct the imbalances in the body which usually affect the hoof growth, but I do not have the time to trim too. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

    • Hello Debbie
      Thanks very much for your inquiry. I feel it is very important to address imbalances in the body and hoof holistically so I appreciate what you are doing. It is sometimes hard to know where the imbalance originates so addressing every aspect of the horse is the best way. I will email you with further information. Thanks so much.

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