Body Posture and Hoof Form

How a Horse’s Stance is Affected by The Feet and their Balance

Shown here are the horse’s front feet.

right-front-sole.jpg    also-right-f-sole.jpg

Right Front, two views


Left Front

Based on the trim and balance of the two front feet, how would you expect the horse to stand?

  1. Standing Squarely
  2. Right Foot Placed Behind Left
  3. Left Foot Placed Behind Right
  4. Both Front Feet Placed Behind Vertical

To see the answer,  

Did you guess correctly?

body-shot.jpg                    rfsmu.jpg

 The view of the RF shows a lateral heel point (blue arrow) much further forward (towards the frog apex) than the medial one. The heel points should symmetrically line up at the widest point of the frog. The outside heel point is the highest point and weightbearing which may be causing pain upon pressure. The highest point should be at the red arrow where the foot is designed to take pressure from weightbearing.

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