Helpful Horse Transportation Tips

Transporting a horse might sound like an easy enough idea, however there’s more planning and action involved than one might think.There are many subjects to consider ranging from preparing the horse to actions that should be taken while in transit.One of the trickier areas is how to properly prepare your horse for trailer rides in regards to its legs, therefore the topic of bandaging and shipping boots will be covered in this post.Here are some tips to help create a hassle-free voyage for both you and your equine and will have him exclaiming ‘yay!’ instead of ‘neigh.’horse_tailer_world

Preparing Your Horse – Have your horse checked with a veterinarian within 4 weeks of the trip to make sure he is healthy enough to endure the journey and that he is up to date on all vaccinations. This is especially important if the expedition is long.Also, practice loading in and out of trailers with your horse, that way he can familiarize himself with the procedure.

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