Crooked Limb – Hoof Imbalance

This young OTTB’s right foreleg was twisted as a result of an imbalanced right foot. Many people might look at this case and think the horse’s twisted limb was irreversible, but balanced trimming proved to be all that it needed.


Right fore – cannon twisted at knee due to hoof imbalance



A few months into trimming – the cannon bone is now vertical



Before – shod


Several months into post-shod trimming






Several months into trimming the medial/lateral balance has been corrected, with the heel weightbearing points lining up more evenly. This allows the horse to place his foot square and stand evenly.


Immediately after removing shoes


Several months into trimming post shoe removal

Heel weightbearing points have been brought ‘down’ closer to the widest point of the frog, and lining up with each other. This allows the horse’s foot to be in balance and to place itwith equal weight on either side of the axis going through the frog. This results in a straight leg.






Seven months in

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