Shod To Barefoot Transition – Long Toe Low Heel

A 5 yo Hanoverian/TB X gelding

Shoes were removed in December.  The images represent his progress over the course of the next 5 months.

Left Front Foot

Dec082lf      Mar09lf

Fig. 1                                                              Fig. 2

Apr09lf          May09lf

Fig. 3                                                              Fig. 4

   The long toe is progressively coming back into better proportion.

A better hoof/ pastern alignment is visible in the subsequent views.

Right Hind Foot


Fig. 1                                                                Fig. 2Too high heel resulting in steep hoof/pastern alignment improving.Apr098rh

Fig. 1                                                                    Fig. 2  Flare is being reduced and medial and lateral walls and inside high condition is improving.

The horse has started to compete at unrecognized Combined Tests, and is doing well.

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